5 Reasons You Should Use Pure Rosehip Seed Oil

This not-so-secret beauty secret graces the shelves of celebrities like Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr, and Gwyneth Paltrow. If international glam goddesses are not your favorite example, take a cue instead from the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans––they knew something we’re only recently discovering: rosehip oil is amazing.

“I put it on at night and I wake up glowing.” – Miranda Kerr

Rosehip oil is extracted from rose hips, the fruit of the rose plant. Rich in essential fatty acids, chock-full of vitamins, this light and non-greasy oil is best used nightly, on clean, damp skin.

If you were wondering if there were some magical unguent that could erase the day’s stress and pollution from your pretty face––why, yes, it exists. Here are a few things rosehip oil could do for you:

1) Anti-Aging

Astringent and deeply nourishing, rosehip oil prevents and diminishes fine lines. Vitamin C and essential fatty acids improve skin appearance and increase elasticity.

2) Reduces Pigmentation

Vitamin C’s brightening, anti-aging and antioxidant properties help restore even skin tone. Vitamin E helps repair and prevent sun damage.

3) Treats Acne and Irritation

Lycopene improves skin texture; vitamins and essential fatty acids help to deeply nourish dry and damaged skin.

4) Treats Scarring and Stretchmarks

Omega 3, 6, and 9 help repair damaged skin cells. Trans-Retinoic Acid is absorbed deep into the epidermis, which converts to healing Vitamin A.

5) Treats Dry and Sensitive Skin

Rosehip oil is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and deeply nourishing. It’s lightweight, doesn’t clog, and prevents damage caused by free radicals.


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